Remixing a grammatical syllabus

The first thing to say is that a grammatical syllabus isn't necessarily the evil it's often made out to be (whatever I might say below)! It's likely to go down well with analytical learners that see the patterns in language, and learners coming from an educational background that places a lot of importance on grammar. When I worked in Italy, for example, many learners felt at home with a grammatical syllabus, as they had grown up studying languages that way.

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Breaking up Big Grammar

Unit 1: Present simple, present continuous and present habits; present perfect simple and present perfect continuous. Unit 2: Past simple and past continuous; Past perfect simple and past perfect continuous...

That's the coursebook that I'm currently using with my teenage General English class. Needless to say, it follows a very structural syllabus. It has other bits - the four skills, vocabulary and some pretty good life skills bits, but on the whole, it all seems like a pretext for those Big Grammar points.

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