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A life changing year

Teaching is the most respectable job in the world. I have grown up hearing this as I hail from a teaching background. And my own journey as a teacher has made me very much believe this. When I look back at the years I have spent in this field, it gives me immense satisfaction and a bundle of happiness filled with countless memories to be cherished forever. For me every year has been full of learning and growing all the time.

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Balancing the CPD

The turn of the century has brought in many shifts in Education and made it more inclusive. Not only has it offered various branches and career opportunities to pursue but it has cultivated a sense of professional awareness too. Along with other professionals, todays educators are also keen on their professional development. With the advent of technology, the horizon of teacher development has become more wide and advanced. Gone are the days when teacher development was limited to face to face trainings only both in-service and pre-service.

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