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Book Reading included in our lessons? Why not?

So this year I was particularly happy that my students are taking an exam that actually requires reading a book and talking / writing about it.  I knew that they were not going to read it themselves and of course I was not going to write the summary and the characters' description all by myself, so I decided to devote 15- 20 minutes in each lesson to read a chapter, stopping in some points and asking my students what would happen next and talk about the characters.  My students in return had to write a small summary as homework.

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Weird celebrations in the classroom? Why not?

Since our classes have become more multicultural, sometimes we have kids from all over the world; a special celebration for Christmas for example is not always suitable.

So how about organizing weird day celebrations or events that would make children happy and learn at the same time? Here are some ideas I have used over the years:

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Moments we need

This last year has been very tough. I became a freelance again; I started trying out new things like teaching online, teaching Business English, teaching very young learners. Things that I had done in the past, things I was new at. And I got really really tired! What kept me going? It was my old students. I have read this quote somewhere: “Teachers who put relationships first, don’t just have students for one year. They have students who view them as “their teacher” for life” – Jastin Tarte

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Ditching the plan

Today, I will share with you an incident in class (upper-intermediate level), some years ago. We were reading a text about the movie "The Wizard of Oz" which was in the course book. Of course my students got really curious and asked what happens in the end and all these questions that a kid might have when they see a picture of a film!

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To be a Native or not to be? That is the question.

Learning a language is a must in our time and I believe that English is the foreign language that should be learned first, since it has become a Lingua Franca. You can’t travel, you can’t work, you can’t even entertain yourself, if you don’t speak English.

Since it is an international language, there are a lot of people who actually speak English fluently. Some of them even decide to study the language and become teachers, although they are not Native Speakers.

And here comes the debate: Native or Non-native? Who is the better teacher?

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