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Warm them up, PLEASE

Funnily enough, I was a trainee when those ideas were implemented by the trainers, and therefore, can vow for their effectiveness.

Activity 1:

Nothing is more interesting to a student than knowing more about the mystery person who stands before the class announcing himself as its teacher!

My life in numbers

Write down 3 numbers that represent something in your life and get students to guess what this number means to you. Try to make it as interesting as possible.

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Teaching online ( do not panic)

Now, four years later me looks back again and say ‘ well, I made the fairytale come true, but is it really?’

My name is Fatima Taha, and I have been teaching for 12 years (two of which are online).

Who would have thought that online teaching, which was heavily criticized as a less effective way to deliver a lesson owing to the physical distancing and the lack of eye to eye contact, as argued by some, would become the first option for many fellow teachers?

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Over Professional Development disorder

The thing is, I became so obsessed with the idea of professional developmet that I started to burn out. An advertisement on a scholarship is published, and I find myself automatically scrolling down to see the requirements and start applying; A webinar on technology application, and I sign up; a competition of material writing, and I am in.

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The creativity I regretted!

This post is a reflection on a previous experience of assessing a project that was relying heavily on creativity.

It was in celebration of the international women's day that we at Al Azhar English Training Center started a poster competition to celebrate it. The competition was to create a poster around a female role model who had an impact on society, which was two weeks before the 8th of March and it was open for all levels.

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"Extensive Reading" a gate to promoting critical thinking


Critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication are the ( 4C) first idea that comes to mind when talking about 21 century skills. There are various means of integrating these skills into the classroomز

Today, I am sharing my experiment with the use of "Extensive Reading" (ER) as one of the methods to integrate 21 century skills into our ESL/EFL classrooms. I will first share the Methdology then my experiment with this methodology and a guide of how to apply this Methdology to integrate the 21 century skills into your classroom

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"Methodology based" Vs, "go with the flow" teacher

" so how can I plan this lesson using the TBL approach" Said Ms.Y
" easy, pre-task, task, report, analyze and maybe add a practice at the end just to test the students" Said me
"God, I never know the name of the approach I am using.I just teach the what and how I see right"said Ms.Z

That conversation took place yesterday where I and other 30 qualified teachers holding the Cambridge TKT 2014.

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