Over Professional Development disorder

The thing is, I became so obsessed with the idea of professional developmet that I started to burn out. An advertisement on a scholarship is published, and I find myself automatically scrolling down to see the requirements and start applying; A webinar on technology application, and I sign up; a competition of material writing, and I am in.

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Do we write materials OR Do we design them!

"We don't write materials for our sessions. There are paid professionals for that, instead we design them" said my trainer.

Now imagine you wish to plan a  training session based on an in-class experiment, won't you need to build on what you already collected during the experimental practice?

"Research the topic you want to give a training session about, then copy the necessary documents and design how you wish to present it. you may wish to design them in a fill-in gap form, a loop, a jigsaw reading" said one of my colleagues.

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The creativity I regretted!

This post is a reflection on a previous experience of assessing a project that was relying heavily on creativity.

It was in celebration of the international women's day that we at Al Azhar English Training Center started a poster competition to celebrate it. The competition was to create a poster around a female role model who had an impact on society, which was two weeks before the 8th of March and it was open for all levels.

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Invest in yourself


I have been in your shoes 3 years ago. I would go to the teaching centre give classes all day and return home at night so drained to reflect on anything or prepare for the next day. Before I even knew it ,6 years of my life have passed and spent on teaching with no real awareness or a sense of development.

If you work in Egypt, then you either work for the public/private sectors and either way the school/centre you work for rarely invest on its staff development. Hence, you should learn to develop yourself .

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"Extensive Reading" a gate to promoting critical thinking


Critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication are the ( 4C) first idea that comes to mind when talking about 21 century skills. There are various means of integrating these skills into the classroomز

Today, I am sharing my experiment with the use of "Extensive Reading" (ER) as one of the methods to integrate 21 century skills into our ESL/EFL classrooms. I will first share the Methdology then my experiment with this methodology and a guide of how to apply this Methdology to integrate the 21 century skills into your classroom

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"Methodology based" Vs, "go with the flow" teacher

" so how can I plan this lesson using the TBL approach" Said Ms.Y
" easy, pre-task, task, report, analyze and maybe add a practice at the end just to test the students" Said me
"God, I never know the name of the approach I am using.I just teach the what and how I see right"said Ms.Z

That conversation took place yesterday where I and other 30 qualified teachers holding the Cambridge TKT 2014.

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