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Motivated teens: A cross cultural digital exchange

Teenagers, motivation, hmm… 

I’ve been teaching teenagers now for over twenty years and something that has always interested (and challenged) me is how to ignite and maintain alight intrinsic motivation. 

Intrinsic Motivation: A person with intrinsic motivation wants to do a task for the pleasure involved in doing the task itself.

Extrinsic motivation has never been quite as elusive. 

Extrinsic Motivation: A person with extrinsic motivation wants to do a task in order to receive a reward or avoid a punishment.

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Projects: Setting students up for success

I have always been an advocate of integrating projects into class. I think they provide many opportunities for learning not only language skills, but also other essential life skills (or 21st century skills as they are perhaps more commonly known now) such as communication, collaboration, problem solving, creativity… Over the years, however, the way I’ve integrated projects into my classes has (thankfully!) evolved. I have to admit, slightly ashamedly, that way back in the very beginning, I went for a minimalist approach (through lack of experience.) It would go something like this...

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Empower students with flipped, cooperative learning

I am always lurking on the internet to find out about new and innovative things to try out. Some of these things I quickly dismiss but flipped learning got me excited. I was already using some cooperative learning strategies in class to increase learner engagement and collaboration but flipped learning has given me more opportunities to focus on these kinds of activities and to extend them beyond the classroom.

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Technology to reach more students more often.

I’ve always been interested in experimenting with new technologies to improve the teaching and learning process. This, together with my (slight) obsession with being well organised and the desire to break down the barriers presented in my teaching context (limited resources, an unreliable internet connection and time constraints) has led me to become a wiki and Google Classroom enthusiast.

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