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Changing Challenges

It ended in the desert heat of Bahrain in charge of ICT at one of the largest teaching centres in the region. Any new job brings new challenges and the need to adapt and rethink our approach to a different context. This post outlines the major challenges my new role brought about:

Teaching Beginner YLs

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Defining Classroom Management

Just thinking back over some of the training sessions I have attended on the topic over the years, there has been a wide range of areas covered. Some workshops have focused on giving instructions and transitioning from one lesson stage to the next, others have looked at motivating and engaging learners, some have presented ideas for establishing class routines, and others have centred on discipline and class rules.

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21st Century Boy

They are mentioned at conferences, in articles, and are used as buzzwords when someone comes selling a new book or learning product. Early in my career it was ‘learner autonomy’. Later, it was ‘formative assessment’. Then, ‘digital natives and immigrants’ became the hot topic. Brain-based learning. CLIL. PBL. Blended learning. Gamification. They have all come and gone (and in some cases come back again) without a clear definition ever being given.

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Bringing the outside in – choosing supplementary resources for the classroom

There are coursebook packages with all their extra components, graded readers, photcopiable resource packs, dictionary sets, exam practice papers, digital resources and much more. However, despite the plethora of materials on offer, teachers always seem to want more! Many produce and share their own worksheets and activities, while many more go online to find, adapt and download lesson plans and ideas.

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Reflecting on your teaching outside the classroom

It has helped me become more aware of my students and what they respond well to and it has helped me become more aware of the beliefs and ideals that underpin the way I approach my work.

It has also helped me develop when few other options are available. Until recently, I worked in Gabon, where there was no chance to attend workshops or conferences, no outside experts visiting the school, and only a small team of language teachers to work with. Introspective reflection and engaging with online networks were often my only sources of development.

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David Dodgson: Gamification? Pointless for learning

I won’t go into too much detail as I have covered this before on my ELT Sandbox blog, but in brief gamification is the application of game-style elements, such as points, levels and challenges, to a non-gaming context (e.g. the language classroom) whereas game-based learning is about the actual use of games in the learning process as a source of and an inspiration for learner language.

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David Dodgson: Defining personalisation

'Have you ever been to Moscow?'

Look! ‘Have you… Have you…’

And there’s more! ‘Have you ever been to Istanbul?’ Yes, Istanbul! Can’t get much more personalised than that!

A few years ago I attended a conference in and a coursebook author was on stage showing us an activity he had written while trying to make a very tenuous connection to the overall conference theme of personalising the language learning process.

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