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A five-minute primary game where everyone's a winner

The attention span of a primary-aged learner is short, so it’s always a good idea to have a couple of five-minute activities up your sleeve that you can pull out at intervals during the lesson. Use them to break up a longer task or to change the pace between activities. This is one of my favourite, tried-and-tested activities that never fails. Not only is it a perfect way to recycle vocabulary, it’s also a great opportunity to reward children’s efforts so that every single child is a winner.

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Two Christmas activities

These two very different activities by Larissa Albano and Steve Muir take Christmas television commercials and use them for engaging and enjoyable language learning activities.

The first, by Larissa, uses a video tool called Educanon, which allows teachers to insert pauses at different points in the advert. With each pause, students are asked a pre-written question and invited to give their response.

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