It is quite obvious that there is a huge rift between developed and developing countries in the world in terms of economy, education, defence, etc. Similarly, there is a distinct barrier between native English teachers (NESTs) and non-native English teachers (NNESTs). Without a Cambridge DELTA or TESOL certificate, one can hardly study ,migrate or teach in an English speaking country.

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How do I format, organise and wrap up my speaking classes

Making your students speak in English is easy, when you allow them to speak more and more in the target language. Be gentle and tolerant when they make some mistakes while talking. Allow them to chat in the beginning as a pair work, for the first ten minutes of the class.You could please refer to my previous blog "Chat in English fluently" regarding the benefits of chatting.

Format of a speaking class

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Using L2 in classrooms -the pros and cons of it

In international schools, students come from various linguistic backgrounds. In this scenario how can we teach students in their native language?

It would certainly be perplexing and cause misunderstanding among the students. Maybe, when the majority of the class are natives, the mother tongue can be used for abstract contexts

I do not deny the fact that children can grasp and learn subjects with ease in their mother tongue, but they are put under a lot of strain to practice learning all their subjects in English.

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Chat in English Fluently

I have keenly observed the fumbling and trembling of the people who ventured to speak English. In most of the cases, the faltering occurs only due to lack of confidence and fear of ridicule by others. This is an inevitable inhibition inhabiting the minds of initial learners. As a devoted teacher/trainer of Spoken English to people from all walks of life, with my experience in the field for more than a decade, I have dwelt at the systematic analysis on teaching spoken English in basic, secondary and tertiary modules.

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