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Syllabus and the text book for a subject

Keeping the needs and aspirations of the learners in view, the curriculum designers frame the syllabus for a given subject which eventually turns out be a reader, course-book or the text book. The text book comes into the hands of the teacher who most times consider it a magic wand. some teachers consider it a crutch without which they become inoperative and crippled.

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Technology or Chalk and Talk in the Classroom

I am an Indian and I would like to talk about Education or teaching in the Indian context or perspective.

In the past education was confined only to the two upper castes- Brahmins (The priest community) and kshatriyas (The ruling community). The guru would teach his disciples the Vedas, the puranas, the Upanishads and the epics.

When the English colonized India, they introduced English, maybe for their selfish utilitarian gains. Anyhow, it was the British who universalized Education in India.

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