Syllabus and the text book for a subject

Keeping the needs and aspirations of the learners in view, the curriculum designers frame the syllabus for a given subject which eventually turns out be a reader, course-book or the text book. The text book comes into the hands of the teacher who most times consider it a magic wand. some teachers consider it a crutch without which they become inoperative and crippled.

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Various ways of starting an English lesson

Most teachers and teacher trainers tend to start their lessons casually and routinely but a few of them like me start them by cracking a joke and the like.

As a teacher and a trainer, I usually start my lessons in the following manner which helps the students to lend their ears (to the teacher) to me. The way I teach differs from the students to teachers.

1. Telling a joke: I usually begin the session by telling a joke to the students. Thereafter, I ask a few students how they enjoyed the joke. This helps to improve the communication skills among the learners.

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The use of mother tongue in the English language classroom

The proponents of the direct method advocated that mother tongue must be banished from the class. On  the other hand, the advocates of bilingual and grammar translated method went to the other extreme and opted for the liberal use of mother tongue.

But I am of the opinion that neither method is entirely feasible. I feel that mother tongue can be used very judiciously, which is also a debatable issue. Who will decide the judiciousness? The teacher or the students?  How can a teacher decide when and how much mother tongue can be used in the English class?

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Teaching plateau - how I overcome it

I worked as a primary teacher for 16 years and I have been working for 16 years as an English teacher at the secondary level.

After  I had worked as a primary teacher for 5 years, I started feeling that the job was not suitable for me as I had the ability to teach English at a much higher level. I had reached the state of teaching Plateau. I used to feel that I did not get the job I deserved.

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How to Encourage Children to Write Discourse and give Feedback

Writing a Discourse

Sir Francis Bacon said 'reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man'. Writing is the most difficult language skill. A child starts acquiring the four language skills listening, speaking, reading and writing in order. This is true of all the languages including English.

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Am I Fully Equipped To Be A Resourceful English Teacher And Trainer At The Highest Level?

1. These are the days of knowledge explosion, blended learning, virtual on line conferences, webinars.Every body –highly educated or rather ill educated is using smart phones, I pads, tabs, Androids or even Skype most of which I don’t use or I do not know even how to use not because I can not afford to use them but because I m not techno savvy and a low tech man though highly motivated and rather fairly trained and equipped to teach students up to degree level and teachers at primary and secondary level in English.I use only personal desk top computer with full internet facility.Though I k

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Why I became a Teacher

I was born in a clan called Jagatha which was famous for literacy scholarship in Sanskrit and Telugu literature. When I was a small kid, My grandfather’s brother, my father and my paternal uncle used to recite Telugu poems and Sanskrit slokas which might have made an impression on my mind.

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