Motivated teachers, motivated learners

Written by Rossana Quiroz, M.A.

In order to answer this question, I think it is important to reflect on two things: what motivated us to learn a foreign language and what motivates us to teach it? This reflection helps us understand the challenges our students face and gives us the tools to deliver meaningful lessons so our students can improve their motivation and language skills.

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What about writing stories to each other? A writing and reading project in ten steps

Written by Ingrid Mosquera, PhD.

Writing is difficult, we have talked about it in the past. Perhaps we could try to meld writing and reading into just one proposal. I present a project that can be adapted for different ages, combining reading and writing.

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Eight Ways To Help English Language Learners Feel Motivated To Read & Write

By Larry Ferlazzo

This post will share a few ideas on how to specifically create those kinds of conditions to promote student interest in reading and writing.

Researchers have identified four primary ways to nurture this kind of intrinsic motivation:

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How to Implement 21st Century Skills in Class

Coming from a background where all spheres of education are teacher-centered, many things I've read, learnt and seen online and abroad have been a big eye-opener in my career (thank you, Internet).  What I do in class and how I see education at large has taken a different turn in the past few years so it's only logical for me to continue helping my learners grow in the best possible way.

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Critical Thinking – a crucial 21st century skill

As English language teachers our primary focus is on the 4 language skills - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. While our students get a hang of these, we have to nudge them towards the 21st century skills especially the 4 Cs - Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication.

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