I wander'd lonely as a cloud

I had previously watched one of her classes in the morning and this was our return visit. I decided I wanted to show her poetry in action with a group which I had done 'Remember' by Christina Rossetti with before (please see previous blogs for more info.).

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Classroom Action Research: A Professional Development Process

They already have equipped themselves with various teaching techniques and methodologies. Therefore, they seem to have confidence in their performance in class, to have answers for questions asked by students, and to master the classroom entirely. However, a novice teacher will have a hard time when he or she is assigned to teach a class which requires him or her to be creative. But in this entry, I will not talk about the differences between the experienced teachers versus the unexperienced ones.

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Motivating students and teachers' role in inducing them to learn English

After arguing with a student about his poor activities in English class, I got this answer "I have enough money and do not need learning English, in case of need, if I happened to be in a foreign country, I will hire a translator or interpreter." He also went further by saying that he could read translated books or he would by a good dictionary to be used for translating the texts he needed to know in Persian.

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A smooth finish to CELTA Training #3

Well, my third course has just finished and everything went quite smoothly.  All 12 candidates made it to the end, and despite a couple of ups and downs for a couple of teachers/trainees towards

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Most of the year I teach adults in a college and what I teach is called ESOL. For four or five weeks every summer, when sensible, sane teachers are having their break from the rat race, I shift down to a summer school where I teach the teenage offspring of wealthy foreigners. At least I assume they are wealthy, these courses aren't cheap. And of course they aren't called ESOL, they are called EFL.

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More about focus on form

I have just had an email from Ellen Maria Wright, who is about to work in Lithuania. This is the question that prompted her to write:

 While I have many reading texts to use I am not so good at knowing what form to focus on ---- as you say,  " We need to look at a text carefully and decide what it can illustrate for learners." I am not so good at this part.

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