Video sharing for young learners

I've just been having a look at Totlol. Totlol describes itself as; "a brand new community-moderated video website designed to be enjoyed by those between the ages of 6 months and 6 years."

It's actually a really nice place to find andd share video clips which are appropriate for young learners to use. Great place to tip parents off about too, so that they can enjoy some entertaining clips with their kids.

Hope you enjoy this.


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I'm a student again

A couple of days ago a pack of materials arrived by post. I've been working my way through them. The course is conducted mainly online with the support of a tutor and the opportunity to conference with my fellow students. I'm rather looking forward to being a student again.
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More thoughts on IATEFL

It was by Maike Grau from the Justus-Liebig-Universitaet in Gaessen, Germany and was entitled English inside and outside the classroom: an empirical perspective. Maike pointed out that, through the impact of the mass media, English has become a part of popular youth culture throughout the world. She used data from questionnaires and focus groups with 15-year-old learners and their teachers to see how this affected what happens in classroom.

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