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Get lit up: literature as a teacher's best friend

Literature. Quite a divisive word, that. Throw it through an open window into a room full of language teachers and most will dive behind furniture, fingers in their ears and looks of horror on their faces.


A Spice Island

Our guest walked down the aircraft steps onto the tarmac and was greeted by a small band and a few dancers dressed in traditional costume.  I wondered if I should tell him that we hadn’t arranged the reception and that it wasn't for him. I mumbled an explanation, but I don't think I was heard.



Using poems to develop receptive skills

I like to bring poetry into the classroom because I believe that it is important and motivating for students to work with authentic texts.


Writing picture books

One of my first full-size colour picture books was Down By The Cool Of The Pool. It was first published in 2001. When it was a fully fledged book, some time later, and I showed it to a senior editor in picture books at a major publishing house, she read it and said, “That’s a perfect picture book text.” However, its story is all but smooth and fluent.


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I have interest to search more Manga novels and plays. Thanks for the information. 

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ayyed's picture ayyed

dear elena,
good day
I'm writing a research on the effect of storytelling on...
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Shakhzoda Isoyeva's picture Shakhzoda Isoyeva

It is good using texts in lessons because learners can learn new words and enrich their...
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