Young market traders (lower level)

Young market traders is a complete set of teaching resources designed around interesting and unusual photographs with activities to activate your students' higher level critical thinking skills.

This pack deals with the topics of travel, lifestyle, childhood and child labour and practises both listening and speaking skills.

The materials to accompany this pack are designed to be used with lower level students (A2-B1)

Each pack in this series includes an audio recording of the photographer talking about their photo, together with a complete lesson plan on how to exploit the image and the audio. There are student worksheets and a copy of the image to download.

In this lesson, students are asked to discuss with a partner what they think the photo shows. Using expressions from the transcript, they are asked to decide which describe habits and which describe actions happening at the time the photo was taken. There is also a combined writing and listening task which requires them to use their memory to recreate what the speaker said.

ELTPics image by @VictoriaB52

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Submitted by mondo on Wed, 06/12/2013 - 04:36


 In my opinion, This set of image resources are of great value and help to use in the classroom so as to provide very good benefits to the students for both listening and speaking skills. The worksheets can provide individuals and group work with a variety of gapped filling activities, Listening for specific information and so on. There should be a lot more of these resources posted up. I am very pleased to get to them resources and I thank you for posting up!

Submitted by Mane Mehrabian on Sat, 07/20/2013 - 19:05


I want to thank you for the brief information on the specific topic.It will help to make the teaching proccess and the teaching materials quite diverse.

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