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The Windrush generation

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This lesson uses a very simple poem to convey the feelings of the Caribbean immigrants who arrived in Britain in the 1940s and 50s.

The first wave of immigrants started with the arrival of a troop ship from Jamaica called the ‘Empire Windrush’. The people who came to Britain from the West Indies came to be known as the ‘Windrush’ generation. Students will create their own poem, as well as discussing problems faced by immigrants and writing a letter, imagining themselves as new immigrants.


Immigration, difficulties faced by immigrants coming to the UK


  • To practise speaking skills in a discussion
  • To listen to a poem, and review related vocabulary
  • To write a version of a poem in English
  • To practise reading short texts and paraphrasing
  • To practise writing an informal letter

Age group:

12 years old - adult


CEF Level B1 and above


90-120 minutes over two lessons


  • Lesson plan
  • The Windrush generation student worksheets
Language level
Language Level: 
Intermediate: B1