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Who needs dictionaries?

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Michael Rundell discusses the future of dictionaries. October 2012, London.


Michael Rundell explores the future of dictionaries. In this seminar he discusses the idea that dictionaries are going the same way as encyclopedias. In just a few years most activity has moved from paper to electronic media and for pedagogical dictionaries, whose users are mostly young and therefore digital natives, the switch from old to new media is even more advanced. Is there any future for dictionaries? 

Further information

The seminar is divided into four sections, followed by four question and answer clips.

  • Introduction
  • Two revolutions in dictionaries / What we have lost
  • Two revolutions in dictionaries / What we have gained
  • Emerging trends / Conclusion

The session outline and references and slides are available for download.

You can read a report of the seminar here.

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