Which competences do teacher educators need in supporting teachers online?

Watch a recording of this webinar for teacher educators with Simon Borg looking at the competences teacher educators need to develop to support teachers online.

Teacher Educator webinar

Who is this webinar for?

Exclusively for Teacher Educators who have a role in supporting the professional development of English language teachers.

What is this webinar about?

The first webinar in our interactive series is facilitated by Simon Borg, one of the world’s leading experts in teacher education. Simon talks through the insights from his recent research into the range of competences teacher educators need in the online environment to support teachers effectively. See more information and links below. 

Recorded on 19 July 2022.

About the speaker

Simon Borg has been involved in English language teaching for almost 35 years, working in a range of contexts around the world. He is recognised internationally for his work on teacher cognition, professional development and teacher research. He works as an ELT consultant, with a particular focus on designing, facilitating and evaluating language teacher professional development programmes. Full details of his work are available at http://simon-borg.co.uk

Supporting material for this webinar 

Read the research

Download the British Council commissioned research from Simon Borg:
'Guide for teacher educators: How to support teachers online'

Connect with our global network 

Connect with a global network of teacher educators and share comments on specific aspects of the webinar theme before and after the webinar by visiting our Padlet wall.

Watch the recording


Hi John,

Thanks for your question. You can find tasks in the 'Connect with our global network' section above.


Before the webinar you can take a poll and let us know what you think:

Do you need a new set of skills for the online environment if you want to continue supporting teachers effectively? Take the poll


You can also use our padlet wall to contribute your top tips and read other suggestions on how to help teacher educators support their teachers online. We will share selected tips during our July webinar on 19 July 2022. Visit our Padlet wall


And you can download and read Simon Borg's: 'Guide for teacher educators: How to support teachers online' .


I hope you find the tasks and the webinar useful and rewarding!


TeachingEnglish Team

Submitted by annele on Thu, 07/07/2022 - 09:34


Hi umairali,

Glad that you are interested in the webinar, you can register through the 'Register for the webinar' link above,


TeachingEnglish team

Submitted by Atif Ali on Sat, 07/09/2022 - 06:53


I am teaching maths for 8 years.
I have experience for matric , fsc , bsc and Adp

Hi Atif Ali,

Do you have responsibility for helping less experienced colleagues? The webinar will be of interest to you if so. Other resources you might find useful include the next MOOC we are running from the 19th July.  Teaching Pathways: online skills for 21st century teachers https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/teaching-pathways-online-skills-21st-century-teachers,


TeachingEnglish team

Submitted by Saman Ahmed Noor on Sat, 07/09/2022 - 18:44


Can a student join this webinar who is a beginner and want to get into teaching ?

Submitted by annele on Sun, 07/10/2022 - 16:33


Hi Saman,

This webinar is aimed at colleagues who are responsible for organising continuous professional development for teachers ( if you are a student of teaching then it's aimed at your teachers:). you won't find it as useful as other resources which are aimed at new and experienced teachers.

You'll find plenty of resources to help you on your journey into teaching on our site. You might be interested in the next course we are running, from 19th July:  Teaching Pathways: online skills for 21st century teachers https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/teaching-pathways-online-skills-21st-century-teachers, open to all!

Good luck with starting your teaching career!


TeachingEnglish team

Submitted by JulietChizo on Tue, 07/19/2022 - 13:49


Hello Simon
I missed today's webinar because no link was sent to me after registering
Please can someone email me the link so that I can join tomorrow
thank you everyone and have a great day.

Hi JulietChizo,

You'll find the link to the recording of the webinar at the top of this page ( scroll up). You'll also find the slides and a file with extra resources. Hope you find them all useful!


TeachingEnglish team

Submitted by JamesAcevedo on Wed, 07/20/2022 - 20:15


I just finished watching the recording and I wonder if it is possible to get the certification even if I couldn't connect as it was at 6am, local time, and I'm starting my day at school. I'll appreciate it if possible and keep looking forward for more learning content.


Hi James, 

Certificates are only downloadable for participants who are able to watch live.  I hope that you found the webinar useful and hope to see you at another one soon,


TeachingEnglish team

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