Discussions groups of E-merging forum 4 worked in 5 groups from morning till afternoon. They reflected on what they learned during 3 forum days and what they would bring to their classrooms. 

Assessment group made the audience interact answering the questions on the pressing issues in assessment. It seems, that most of the questions they asked were covered during the Forum!

Literature and Culture section had looots of creative minds too! It was a very colourful and lively poster-poem presentation.

Teaching Young Learners section predictably made everyone move and sing and laugh: TPR approach in action!

EAP & ESP section was presented by five groups: they showed that they could conduct a wonderful small-scale research during just half a day!

Learning Technologies group impressed everyone, showing how well they can use… technology. I loved one of the “keep calm” posters: KEEP CALM and BYOD! A short video on the highlights of the forum topics of their section made everyone laugh! The audience also participated in a fantastic rap song created by one of the teachers.

It’s sad that the Forum is over, yet the most important idea was expressed by one of the participants from Berezniki, who, when asked why she came to E-merging forums every year, said: “It keeps me inspired the whole year!”

Good bye, E-merging forum 4, give the way to E-merging forum 5!!!

Would you like to come to the forum?

Posted by Lucia Zhurukova

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