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What's on my head?

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This activity is an adaptation of the original Hedbanz and is good for practising or revising vocabulary in general or it can be related to a specific topic.

Ender Velasco

It works well with lower intermediate and higher levels and it can be stretched and used as part of a lesson, as a warmer or filler.

You will need large rubber bands and mini flashcards. The mini flashcards should each have a word or a picture of an animal, a fruit, an object, a famous person, a colour, a place, a country, etc. These can be prepared by the teacher in advance, or the teacher can provide blank cards and the students can make them. Collect the cards and shuffle.


  • Divide the class into groups of fours or more and get each student to wear a rubber band around their head. Give a bunch of cards to each group, making sure all cards are facing down.
  • In turns, each student takes a card and, without looking at it, places it on his/her forehead, so that the rest of the group can see it.
  • Each member of the group takes turns to ask questions until he/she guesses what is on their card. The other members of the group should only answer yes or no, or give short answers. Set a time limit per person of 1-2 minutes. Students should come up with questions like:
    • Am I a person? No.
    • Am I a place? No.
    • Am I an animal? Yes.
    • Where would you find me? In the forest.
    • Which country? India.
    • Do I live in the water? No.
    • Am I a big or small animal? Big. 
    • Do I have black stripes? Yes.
    • Am I a tiger? Yes.
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