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What can it be?

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This lesson introduces learners to a popular song about mythical creatures with a series of structured activities.

Rachael Ro

In this lesson, learners will be introduced to the popular song 'What can it be?' They will listen to the song, complete comprehension activities, and practise the animals, mythical creatures and body parts mentioned in the song. They will also practise the 'has got' and possessive 's structures as well as sing the song. Finally learners can do some extension work based on the song, inventing, writing and singing about their own mythical creature.


Mythical creatures


To develop and practise:

  • vocabulary: animals, mythical creatures and body parts
  • structure: has got, possessive 's
  • integrated skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing


Primary (7–11 years)


90 minutes approximately

See an example of how this lesson plan was used to create a video called 'A super princess' by Anglais actif.