On the way to success: higher standards, higher quality

In this webinar recording Svetlana Kandybovich looks at developing and testing professional standards in Montenegro based on the Teaching for Success model introduced within a three-year large-scale policy project.

About the webinar

In this webinar recording Svetlana Kandybovich looks at developing and testing professional standards in Montenegro, based on integration of the Teaching for Success model in the local education system at a number of different levels in a three-year large-scale policy project. 

The project initiated redrafting of the national teaching standards because the educational system did not have a single overarching document of the kind; standards of various sorts were scattered across different documents and departments, substantially lowering the quality of both teaching and learning. Teaching for Success was introduced last year as the basis for a professional development model, making explicit the elements of effective teaching in the 21st century schools, and it is now very much at home in the Ministry of Education. 

However, the changes at policy level need to be supported by teachers, who should internalise the standards and see their value. Developing professional standards for teachers that can guide professional learning, practice and engagement was complemented by intensive 10-week teacher training sessions for primary and secondary school teachers, piloting new primary and secondary school curricula, Aptis testing of teachers, piloting CLIL in high schools and introducing English in kindergartens across the country.

This session was recorded at the Teaching for Success online conference in October 2016

About the speaker

Svetlana is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. She has taught every age group and every skill level, and conducted teacher training and spoken at many national and international conferences. She works as an expert in the areas of impact assessment, leadership teacher training and is currently leading the English Policy Project in Montenegro. Svetlana is an avid blogger who loves to share her ideas about teaching and learning and professional development with other teachers and teacher educators.

Before you watch

Think about these questions:

  • In your teaching context, do teachers work together? Do teachers support one another? What opportunities are there for enabling teacher collaboration?
  • How can teachers find out if the methods they use are effective?

Watch the webinar recording below

After you watch activities 

  • Does your teaching context have an explicit set of teaching standards and competencies?
  • If so, how similar or different are they to those outlined in the Teaching for Success Teacher Development Framework?
  • Which elements of the Montenegro project could be implemented in your education system?

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