This is a good vocabulary activity to use with younger learners.

Ece Sevil, Turkey

To teach the names of clothes, I have my students cut a page of a newspaper in the shape of a hat, gloves, trousers, etc. Then, using a washing line and clothes pegs, I ask my students to hang their projects on the washing line. My students repeat the names of the clothes after me. After teaching the vocabulary of clothes, I ask them to close their eyes while I hide some of the clothes. A few seconds later I ask them to open their eyes and name the missing clothes and then to find them.

This activity is both very useful and enjoyable for my students.



This is really good...I'm not an English Teacher, I'm a Nurse-Educator in Libya, a Professor in one of the University. I'm trying to help kids here to learn english, if you have suggestions to better help them I'm open to any. Thanks

HiYou could have a look at our Teaching Kids section. It offers a range of activities and teaching ideas which are based around materials from the British Council's LearnEnglish Kids website. Our Language Assistant site might be useful too. There are tips for new teachers as well as activities and games for kids of all ages. fun with your kids!Sally

i really enjoyed when i used the same....students were surprised and using suitable expressions too.thanks a lot..

Hi NageebYou could use this activity with primary school children with a very low level of English. Timing would be approximately 20 - 30 minutes depending on your learners. Younger students will need more time (and help) to cut out the clothes. You could split this over two classes - cut out the clothes and then play with them next class.Sally 

i like it i was wondering about some ways to teach vocabulary to kids so you've been soooo helpful thanks a lot 


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