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Wall dictionary

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This is a good way to help kids learn and review their vocabulary. It really helps them with the alphabet and spelling.

Nonia Gao, China


  • Prepare a colourful piece of paper which can be used as a background for the wall dictionary.
  • Sew 26 pockets on it (or use glue/sticky tape) and label each pocket with a letter of the alphabet.
  • Ask the children to prepare sets of letter cards by writing the 26 letters on some small pieces of paper. They put their letters into the pockets as soon as they can.
  • We can use this wall dictionary at any time to practise spelling.
  • For example, divide the class into three or four groups. They listen to words and then choose letters from the pockets to spell the words.

Of course, you can make several wall dictionaries so that students can play at the same time without fighting.

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Language Level: 
Primary level 1