Walking through the Jungle takes children on a whirlwind tour around the habitats of the world, through the jungle to the ocean, up the mountains to the river and the Arctic.

The BritLit Primary Kit has been designed specifically for use with Walking through the Jungle, published by Barefoot Books. It was chosen not only for its dynamic language structures and catchy beat, but also for its colourful and captivating illustrations. The kit integrates a range of mixed-ability cross-curricular materials including storytelling tips, interactive language activities and links to supplementary online resources. As they walk and swim, climb and trek, slip and run, they encounter a whole host of wild animals that roar and growl or snap and howl before chasing them all the way back home!  


Story activities - materials related to the story

Flashcards - materials to help you build up vocabulary

Additional activities - materials to support understanding of the story

About this BritLit Kit
This is part of a short series of kits for primary school learners of English. It was produced to respond to the initiative of governments, including the Portuguese government, to lower the age at which English is taught in state schools. Written by Carolyne Ardron, illustrations by Paul Millard.

Walking through the Jungle, Stella Blackstone, illustrated by Debbie Harter, Barefoot Books
ISBN 1-84148-2-4-8



The activities are great and everything's ok. I'd appreciate the great effort put into this and I will use it with students but I can't find the retold story. Can you please tell me where from  I can  download the story (in its actual words) ?What I need is the synopsis. Thanks, D.Z

This activity is really useful and enjoyable for the kids I think .There are 42 students in my classroom so is there any reading activity you know  that can be used in crowded classes? thank you again. bye

I would like to thank you for the great effort you have done. The kind of activities are full of fun and i think they will attract pupils' attention and it would be enjoyable. i will use them with my pupils. please provide us with more.

Thanks for your comment nelsontjr - the content for the story comes from the book: ‘Walking through the Jungle’ illustrated by Debbie Harter, ISBN 1-84148-2-4-8. You would need to buy the book - it is available from all good book shops or online at www.barefootbooks.com

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