This lesson plan for teachers of teen and adult students looks at collocations with money. Students will read a text and deduce meaning.

Janet Shackleton, British Council Malaysia


The lesson aims to raise students' awareness of verbs which collocate with ‘money' and give them practice of using them. and promote learner autonomy by encouraging the deduction of meaning of unknown lexis from context.






60 minutes


  • to raise students' awareness of verbs which collocate with ‘money'.


All the materials can be downloaded below

Download lesson plan 28k pdf

This lesson was first published in June 2008

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thank you for all these tips!they are extremely useful for me!

I've just used a substantial part of your lesson plan with some personal ideas and it was fantastic! I added a warmer by telling students I had won the lottery but the problem was the bank gave everything in foreign currencies (I used their own countries notes). I told them I had no idea how much those were worth inn Pounds. They were really happy to see something familiar to tll thought and sequenced and it has inspired me a lot for future lessons. My students benefitted a lot

I have used it in my class. It was very interesting lesson followed by varioous activities. My students especially liked the matching  and discussion activity. They also learned new verbs that collacate with "money". As we are always using money in our daily life I think this very useful lesson.

Please, can you provide the answer to these questions about this lesson plan?
Why have you structured the lesson in the way that you have?
Explanation of why you have chosen the topic, including what you understand about this topic with regards to your learners and the challenges the topic may present.
What will each activity contribute towards the learning aims and how this will be achieved?
Other activities that you considered including, and why you chose not to use them?
What will you do if any of your activities didn't work in the way you have planned?
Any other thoughts and ideas that you have to support your lesson plan and the way you have constructed it.

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