When journalist Emma Brockes went to get material for a story about a man whose son had been murdered, little did she realise that it would result in the publication of a stunning short story called 'Visiting Time'. It is a story about revenge and accounting for actions, and has a twist that is both factual and literary, when the murderer changes from 'it' to 'him'.

Emma's story was first published in 'New Writing 12', published by Picador, in 2004. It was the overwhelming choice for attention by a group of Portuguese teachers of English who were attending a summer school in Norwich in August of that year. They started work on producing the kit while on the course and continued to do so through the autumn of 2004 working, in some cases, over 1000 kilometres apart. The result is a triumph of communication and a challenge to teachers worldwide to come up with something that challenges it as a piece of collective work based on a piece of short literature.


  • Context 748k pdf background information and exercises
  • Answer key 92k pdf teacher's notes for activities.

Audio Files
These mp3 files are interviews with the author. They are used in exercises from the Context worksheets

  • Interview part 1 - 6.4mb mp3
  • Interview part 2 - 2.9mb mp3

To download audio, right click on audio file in the Attachment below and save to your computer.


Submitted by mgracianam on Sun, 10/09/2011 - 21:22


I´m grateful to all the Britlit team for the wonderful material they have made available to us, teachers. The combination between the arts and learning English through them makes it unbeatable. THANKS!


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