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Video lesson 2

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Documentary programmes. This is the age when children are very interested in finding out about topics such as space, ancient history and dinosaurs.

Lynn Gallacher

Topic: Documentary programmes


  • To provide information relevant to interests of students for use in post-video work
  • To present/reinforce language
  • To give learners an opportunity to use language from video

Age: 11 - 14 year olds

Level: Intermediate

Materials: Video - Any short factual programme or extract from one. There are lots on CBBC - Take a look at What's on? (I used the very beginning of the TV series Walking with Dinosaurs.)


  • Pre-viewing
    • Learners do True/ False quiz on topic.
    • Learners have 3 minutes to write down words they know in English on topic.
  • While-viewing
    • Learners watch video and check answers to quiz.
    • Identify a language point from the video: - numbers, past tenses, comparatives. Ask learners to note down any they hear.
  • Post-viewing
    • Learners make posters on topic.
    • Learners do project work on topic using magazines/internet.
    • Learners do further work on language point introduced.
Language level
Language Level: 
Intermediate: B1

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