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Video lesson 2

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This activity structure is designed to be used with a clip from a factual programme or documentary.

Lynn Gallacher


Documentary programmes


  • To provide information relevant to interests of students for use in post-video work
  • To present/reinforce language
  • To give learners an opportunity to use language from the video


11–14 year olds (when children are very interested in finding out about topics such as space, ancient history and dinosaurs)




Video – any short factual programme or an extract from one. There are lots from CBBC, for example.


  • Pre-viewing
    • Learners do a true or false quiz on the topic.
    • Learners have three minutes to write down words they know in English on the topic.
  • While-viewing
    • Learners watch the video and check their answers to the quiz.
    • Identify a language point from the video, e.g. numbers, past tenses, comparatives. Ask learners to note down any they hear.
  • Post-viewing
    • Learners make posters on the topic.
    • Learners do project work on the topic using magazines or the internet.
    • Learners do further work on the language point introduced.
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Intermediate: B1