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Video in language teacher education and development

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This free webinar looked at the uses of video technology in teacher education.

About the webinar

This webinar looked at the uses of video technology in teacher education.

The talk was aimed at teacher educators who are looking to increase their awareness of the way that digital video can be prioritised and exploited in language teacher education. It has recently been argued that we have reached a ‘tipping point’, where views and practices are changing as we innovate with and adapt to improved capabilities in video technology.

This presentation puts forward an agenda for both pre-service and in-service teacher education. Pre-service education in particular needs to make video analysis, video making and teaching through video more central to the experience of teacher learners. Awareness of how video can help learning both inside and outside of classrooms is crucial too. In a congruent way, video should be part of the teacher education process and evident in input materials, outputs (e.g. assignments) and assessment (e.g. through the use of portfolio assessment that includes video extracts).

The presentation also features a case study from Thailand. The Regional English Training Centre (RETC) Project was set up following an approach by the Thai Ministry of Education to the British Council. E-mentors built on relationships with the participants developed in the initial three weeks of training through the use of a video sharing/reflection platform. We focus on the potential value of providing longer term support and development, combining online support with face-to-face school-based support. We draw on data from videoed lessons with time-tagged written feedback, interviews with mentors, school visits and interactions in initial attempts to set up ‘film clubs’. We consider the constraints and affordances of collaboratively discussing teaching and learning supported by video, focusing particularly on whether this video-based CPD process supports reflection/teacher development and evidence of reflection.

Read the research report on video in language teacher education.

About the speakers

Steve Mann (Associate Professor) currently works at the Centre for Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick. He previously lectured at both Aston University and the University of Birmingham. He has experience in Hong Kong, Japan and Europe in both English language teaching and teacher development. Steve supervises a research group of PhD students who are investigating teachers’ education and development. The group’s work considers aspects of teacher development, teacher beliefs and the development of knowledge, the first year of teaching, reflective practice, mentoring, blended learning, and the use of technology in teacher development. He has published various books including ‘Innovations in Pre-service Teacher Education’ (British Council). His most recent books are ‘The Research Interview: Reflexivity and Reflective Practice in Research Processes’ (Palgrave) and ‘Reflective Practice in English Language Teaching: Research-Based Principles and Practices’ (Routledge). His co-edited 'Handbook on Language Teacher Education' (with Steve Walsh) was published in July 2019. 

Dr Adam Edmett is Senior Consultant at the British Council and lead for Online Teacher Development. He has been working with Educational Technology for over 20 years and has provided expertise in a range of projects such as large-scale blended programmes for teacher education, online courseware product development, research into online learning communities and M&E of online education more generally. Adam has worked as a teacher, trainer, materials writer, consultant and/or manager in Thailand, Portugal, India, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Venezuela, Egypt, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Qatar and the UK.