Watch an interview with Catherine Kneafsey speaking about music and dance of English language. She explains why young learners are so perceptive to non-verbal communication.


Love your children,
Be enthusiastic
And all your lessons
Will be fantastic.

Be energetic and open-minded.
No ispiration?! Go and find it.

Share your ideas
With teachers and students
And they will help you
How to communicate.

Use your English as much as possible
Be productive and be responsible

Never give up
If you're in trouble
Your children's success
Will make your joy double

Be creative and make your style
If you are tired,
Relax for a while.

Anyway, please,
Don't waste your time!
Use it as good as you can
In your mind.

Dear E-merging forum-4 organizers and Catherine thanks for such a privilege to participate and communicate with such interesting people. It was great and very productive. I've got so much fun and new ideas.Special thanks to Catherine. You're the model of a teriffic teacher with a lot of energy, enthusiasm and knowledge and experience. My poem below was inspired by you. Thanks a lot.)))

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