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Valentine’s Day

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Did you know that in the UK we spend about £503m on cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts for Valentine's Day?

This lesson is designed to be used near the date of Valentine's Day (14 February) to talk about the topic of love and romance.

Students will brainstorm vocabulary related to the topic and then discuss some well-known quotes about love. They will speak about how people can find love and read about Valentine’s traditions in the UK. Students will then create a character for themselves and take part in a speed dating role play, as well as deciding how important love is in our lives.


  • To practise and develop vocabulary related to love and romance
  • To practise speaking and reading skills
  • To practise giving opinions

Age group: secondary and adult

Level: B1 / B2

Time: 60 minutes

Materials: Valentine’s Day worksheet

Language level
Language Level: 
Upper intermediate: B2