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Using multilingual approaches - moving from theory to practice

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A resource book of strategies, activities and projects for the classroom.

Authors: Kathleen Heugh, Mei French, Janet Armitage, Kerry Taylor-Leech, Necia Billinghurst and Sue Ollerhead (University of South Australia)

This book aims to introduce important evidence relating to language learning in multilingual contexts and develop the practice of using multilingual approaches in the classroom. It has been especially designed to support teachers who teach English as a subject and for teachers who use English as the medium of instruction (EMI) in classrooms with students in linguistically diverse and often resource-poor communities. The resource has three main parts:

  1. A guide that explains relevant research evidence
  2. Strategies, activities and projects that teachers can use in their classrooms
  3. An abridged list of resources for multilingual education for further exploration

Drawing on the authors’ decades of experience, the practical ideas covered here are underpinned by research and evidence from around the world. They have also been piloted with teachers in India, who in turn have tested them in their classrooms and provided useful feedback and ideas. 

Watch the short film below about how and why this resource was developed.