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Unit 7: Responding to writing

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Giving feedback to your students is very important - feedback on what they’ve done well and guidance on how to get better.  

In general, it's a good idea to have a plan for feedback and the questions below can help to guide you in your planning:

  • Who gives the feedback? You or the students themselves?
  • How is it given? To the class as a whole or individually?
  • Is it spoken or written and what is the focus? Is it on the content of the writing? Or perhaps it’s on the language used or the process of writing itself. 

In this unit, we look at responding to your students' writing.

Part 1 presents ideas for marking and giving feedback.

Part 2 shows examples of teachers and students giving feedback in different ways.


Download the session notes. The notes contain discussion, video-viewing and reflection tasks. Follow the tasks by going through the video in sequence. The video and session notes are designed as self-study resources to be worked through together. Techniques are transferable to other classes in other contexts.

Video titles:

Part 1: Giving feedback and marking

Part 2: Feedback and correction in class

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