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Unit 5: Preparing to write

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When faced with a challenging writing task, students often don’t know where to start, what to write and how to write it.

Teachers can help learners get started by doing pre-writing tasks, and give them a structure for writing with writing models and frames.

This video shows these approaches in action with a variety of written task types. It demonstrates how to motivate and support students to begin the writing process and how to help them structure and develop meaningful written texts.

Parts 1 and 2 show two examples of teachers carry out pre-writing tasks with lower secondary level learners from Turkey and Argentina.

Part 3 shows a teacher in the UK carrying out pre-writing tasks with a mixed nationality group of young adults preparing for IELTS exams.

Part 4 examines writing models and frames. This section revisits the class from Turkey to examine how a writing model is used to support these learners with their writing task.


Download the session notes. The notes contain discussion, video-viewing and reflection tasks. Follow the tasks by going through the video in sequence. The video and session notes are designed as self-study resources to be worked through together. Techniques are transferable to other classes in other contexts.

Video titles:

Part 1: Pre-writing tasks

Part 2: Pre-writing tasks

Part 3: Pre-writing tasks

Part 4: Writing models and frames

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