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Unit 4: Reading skills

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The reason that we read affects how we read so for example if we are following instructions we will read differently than if we are reading to find out information.

There are a number of skills involved in reading for example predicting, skimming, scanning and recognising links. We need to work with our students to analyse what these skills are and also to show them how they can get better at these skills. We also need to ask comprehension questions and conduct activities that will practise these specific skills.

Part 1 shows some examples of activities that practise a range of reading skills.

Part 2 focuses on tips from teachers and highlights some more example activities.


Download the session notes below the videos. The notes contain discussion, video-viewing and reflection tasks. Follow the tasks by going through the video in sequence. The video and session notes are designed as self-study resources to be worked through together. Techniques are transferable to other classes in other contexts.

Video titles:

Part 1: Reading skills advice

Part 2: Teaching reading skills

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