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Unit 1: Getting your learners reading and writing

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Welcome to the Teaching English Reading and Writing Video Training series! Here we are going to explore different ways of developing reading and writing skills.

We’ll visit classrooms from around the world and observe how teachers everywhere work with learners of all ages to develop the skills of reading and writing.

In this, the first video of the series, you’ll meet our consultant, Marianne Tudor-Craig. Marianne brings a wealth of international experience in English language teacher training to the series. She has developed a step-by-step training guide to support primary, secondary and tertiary sector teachers through some fundamental principles of teaching reading and writing. She will guide you through each video module, showing you effective strategies and approaches, applicable in a wide range of English language teaching contexts.

Developing reading and writing skills presents challenges for teachers all over the world. So what are these challenges and how can they be resolved? In this introductory video, hear teachers and students from around the world explaining the issues they have experienced, and the approaches they have found to be effective. These techniques, and many more, will then be explored in the series to follow.


  • Download the session notes below. The notes contain discussion, video-viewing and reflection tasks.
  • Follow the tasks by going through the two videos in sequence.
  • The video and session notes are designed as self-study resources to be worked through together. Techniques are transferable to other classes in other contexts.

Video titles

Part 1: Challenges of teaching reading and writing skills

Part 2: Addressing the challenges


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