Age range: 11 - adult
Theme: UK educational system
Lexical area: Education

As a language assistant you will probably have gone through (or you may still be going through) the British or Irish educational system so you will be able to tell your students about your experiences and give them first-hand information on how the UK educational system works. There are differences in the educational systems in the different countries that make up the UK so bear this in mind. If you haven’t had first hand experience of the educational system yourself have a look online to find out information. You should easily find information about the educational systems.

In this lesson, students will learn vocabulary for describing different school stages and exams, compare the UK educational system with that of their own country, do a jigsaw readng about gap years and then create their own perfect gap year. Finally, they will imagine their life in the year 2040 and write a paragraph describing their life in the future to their old classmates.

• To learn vocabulary to describe stages of school
• To compare educational systems
• To practise reading skills
• To practise speaking skills
• To practise writing skills

Age group: 11 - adult

Level: B1

Time: 60 – 90 minutes

UK Educational System student worksheet and reading texts.

By: Jo Budden


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