We are pleased to announce a new season of EnglishAgenda continuing professional development webinars.

The first one is on April 20th and focuses on ’Creating and sustaining online Communities of Practice (CoPs)’ with Katerina Kourkouli of Athens University.

Creating and sustaining online Communities of Practice (CoPs)

Through this webinar Katerina will highlight the essential factors affecting the setting up and running of effective CoPs using her experience in Greece with primary school EFL teachers and their school advisors as a starting point.

The session will include:

  • Why CoPs? Why CoPs in the Greek primary EFL context?
  • What is a CoP? - essential features
  • Online CoPs - benefits and challenges - a look at the 2 gather platform
  • Setting up a CoP from scratch: Do’s and Don’ts
  • The catalytic role of the moderator for ensuring the sustainability of CoPs

Life after IELTS - helping students to meet academic (writing) expectations

On Thursday 23 April, we bring you the first in a new series of webinars showcasing ideas from the 2014 ELTons winning innovations. Here we present the winners of the ELTon for Innovations in Learner Resources. Els Van Geyte will give a practical webinar about academic writing.

International students entering Higher Education may not be aware of the academic demands they will face post-IELTS. Conversely, they may receive conflicting advice, e.g. on how to improve their writing. In this webinar, Els will look at some examples of this and consider how tutors can help students build on their existing skills while preparing them for the challenges ahead. She will suggest how to approach the teaching of areas such as paraphrasing, hedging, and writing introductions by focusing on reader expectation and on academic requirements and principles, i.e. on ‘why’ rather than ‘how’.

Els is an EAP tutor at the University of Birmingham and author of 'Writing', which is one of the six books in the ELTon award-winning Collins Academic Skills Series.

Using ELT to raise social awareness about mobility disability

On 30 April we have a webinar from the winners of the ELTon for Innovations in Teacher Resources. Katie Quartano and Paul Shaw's practical talk will show how Disabled Access Friendly’s resources can help teachers explore mobility disability issues, develop students’ social conscience, make lessons meaningful, and encourage critical thinking.

Katie Quartano works at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in an administrative capacity.  She is also on the university’s Committee for Social Policy and Health. In parallel she is a qualified EFL teacher and works as an oral examiner. She is a founding member of the Disabled Access Friendly campaign.

Paul Shaw has been involved in the field of ELT for over 20 years. Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, he has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, academic advisor and examiner. Shaw is a founder member of the Disabled Access Friendly campaign, where his personal experience as a wheelchair user has added an invaluable dimension to the initiative.

Find out details of these exciting online events and how to register on the EnglishAgenda webinar pages.

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