What do you think is important when you tell a story to young learners?

Watch the video of our six tips then if you have more tips to share, leave them below.


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    Submitted by Haleema on Mon, 11/02/2009 - 12:44


    Young learners love to talk that's what I have experienced and they love to share incidents and their imaginary characters, so its good to ask them after telling the story if they have something similar to share with their peers.

    Submitted by Paula Copeland on Thu, 11/05/2009 - 11:54


    This is a great start to a tutorial on how to teach English and prompting children to pay attention in class. Getting the attention of children may just be the toughest part of teaching.

    Submitted by aliciaorri on Thu, 11/05/2009 - 16:43


    Sometimes students at a very young age are a little bit more active than the children in the video, might be the age might be cultural, so I had to learn to adapt the techniques to the group I am teaching at the moment. Getting to know your audience preferences helps a lot.

    I agree, the audience makes the difference. I've put some acting while Im telling stories, they feel part of it and helps you to keep their attention.

    Story telling is a great tool for teaching!

    Every single Friday I tell a story to my students. They really love that time, though not always the stories are about what we are studying (because i haven't got enough stories) it's still useful as they can enjoy a beautiful story and also have fun in the classroom.

    As you do, Mila, I also act out a little. I work in a bilingual school and English is not our mother tongue, so there are many words that my students don't know but by seeing it they can grasp the meaning of  every new word or expression. And as you said, it also makes them feel as if they are part of the story, because it goes beyond the limits of the 'book'. But be careful of not to make your story telling session a drama session.

    It's pretty useful to practice your story many times before presenting it, so that you can see how much you can add and in which parts.

    Story telling is always a magnificent tool but we should know how to use it.

    Thank you very much British Council for such a clear video. It's highly comprehensible and to the point!!! Thank you Very Much!!!


    I do agree. storytelling is a great way to keep the children concentrated and involve them into conversations where they can easily express themselves and interact with each-other as well.

    Submitted by Kindercop on Sun, 11/16/2014 - 05:59


    Great storytelling and capturing the interest of all the children was accomplished. However, as in the case of many teachers, the position of the book keeps fluctuating depending on the teacher's posture. I strongly suggest that the book should rest comfortably on the lap making sure it is low enough for all the children to see. Moreover, the teacher knows the story, so the book should be placed at an angle favouring the children's line of vision.

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