In this interview with Geetha Durairajan, she expands on the challenges of bringing assessment closer to learning, pointing out that the contrasts between a formative method of assessment promoted in teacher educator frameworks and the summative assessment used in teacher education programmes can have a negative impact on how teachers assess their students in class. She discusses her suggested solutions and talks about these solutions can be implemented from the bottom up.

Geetha also talks about the launch of her new book on assessment, published by Cambridge University Press.

In her talk, Geetha Durairajan looks at the current challenges in education related to formative assessment and attempts to bring assessment closer to learning with curriculum changes. She discusses how many current teacher education programmes are certificate-oriented and summative, exploring how this can have a potentially negative impact on how likely teachers are to buy in to a more formative approach to assessment.

This talk will be available to watch online soon.

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For discussion: Think about assessment in your institution. How is this administered? How do you assess your learners or teacher trainees and how can you move to a more formative approach? Is this desirable?

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