Teaching students with Asperger's

In this webinar, Peter Moran covers the following four areas: What is Asperger's Syndrome? How can we as teachers recognise children who may have Asperger's? How can we help children with Asperger's in class? What can teachers do to help parents?

Peter looks at the nature of Asperger's, summarising what is known about its causes and how it typically manifests itself in children and adults. He also looks briefly at some common misconceptions about the condition and clears up some urban myths about its causes and 'cures'. He summarises the main characteristics of children with Asperger's and looks at how these manifest themselves at different ages, including how Asperger's tends to cause delay in certain areas of development. The webinar looks at some dos and don'ts in dealing with children with Asperger's and reflects on how we as teachers should behave, how we can make the classroom as positive an environment as possible for children with Asperger's, including how to address the issue of other learners and their behaviour, and we'll also look at how classroom activities can be adapted to a make them more suited to and accessible to children with Asperger's.

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About the speaker

Peter Moran is a teacher, trainer and author with over 25 years' experience in teaching. He has taught from pre-school ages to adult in both the public and the private sectors in a range of countries. He first came to Poland in the early 1990s and has written coursebooks for both local and international use.

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