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Teaching speaking - Unit 4: stress and intonation

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Unit 4 looks at stress and intonation.

In the video you will see teachers in their classrooms and the trainer, John Kay, talking about how to help students be more aware of the stress, rhythm and intonation of English. This unit contains the following elements:

  • A short video providing input.  
  • A downloadable series of reflection tasks and activities.
  • If you are a teacher trainer and are planning to use the material in a face-to-face context, there is a set of trainer notes for each topic.

The downloadable material asks you or your trainees to think about specific pronunciation problems with stress, rhythm and intonation. You will need to match techniques to improve stress rhythm and intonation to specific pronunciation problems and try out some pronunciation activities.

The videos in this series express the view that “English language teaching has the same challenges the world over”, but that the solutions to these problems depend very much on the local context, and for this reason the approach taken focuses on tasks that enable the participants to relate the video to their own specific practice and experience.