Teacher-researchers in action

This book contains chapters written by teacher-researchers working at universities across Turkey and aims to share research relating to classroom practice with the wider ELT community.



This book of teacher-research reports contributes to the emerging literature on how teacher-research can be supported and sustained in the field of English language teaching. The underlying motive behind publication of this book by IATEFL’s Research SIG is not only to share the actual findings of the research studies but also to showcase them with a view to dissemination of the idea that teacher-research has great positive value as a professional development strategy. Publication of the book has been timed to coincide with the Research SIG’s first 'Teachers Research! Conference', which, it is hoped, will become a regular international event.

This book is a unique collection that brings together leaders in the area of teacher-research (part I) and language teachers who have been doing teacher research for professional development (part II). There are also studies carried out by professional researchers in Turkey regarding how to facilitate teacher action research with in-service and pre-service teachers (part III). This blend of perspectives from leaders, teacher educators and teacher-researchers constitutes coherent content, which together exemplifies an emerging strategy for professional development: teacher-research.

It is hoped that similar projects with teachers can be conducted in different contexts such as primary, secondary and high school as well as with the teachers from higher education who are mainly focused on here. The book provides a platform for general reflection on the basis of a wide selection of teacher-research studies.

This publication is available to download for free on the IATEFL Research SIG website.

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