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Tattoo - Possibilities (lower Level)

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Tattoo Possibilities is a set of teaching resources designed to encourage students to use their higher level critical thinking skills. In this lesson, students predict what vocabulary and information they will hear as a photographer speaks about her photo, listen to check their answers, and then write an interview between the photographer and the person who appears in the photograph.

Tattoo - Possibilities via ELT Pics

The materials accompanying this pack are designed to be used with lower level (A2 / B1) students.

Each pack in this series contains an audio recording with a photographer talking about an image they have taken and a complete downloadable lesson plan on how to exploit the image and the audio. There is a downloadable lesson plan and a full-size copy of the image.

In this lesson, students are asked to do the following:

  • To practice making predictions about a text based on verbal and visual clues.
  • To listen for gist (Listening skills)
  • To listen for specific information (Listening skills)
  • To write an interview / Do a role-play (Writing / Speaking skills).

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