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Task-based speaking

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This is a speaking lesson on the theme of planning a night out that uses a listening exercise to provide language input.

Richard Frost

Preparation and materials

You will need to record two people planning a night out on the town.

Pre-task (15-20min)

Aim: To introduce the topic of nights out and to give the class exposure to language related to it. To highlight words and phrases.

  • Show sts pictures of a night out in a restaurant / bar and ask them where they go to have a good night out.
  • Brainstorm words/phrases onto the board related to the topic: people / verbs / feelings etc.
  • Introduce the listening of two people planning a night out. Write up different alternatives on the board to give them a reason for listening e.g. (a) restaurant / bar (b) meet at the train station / in the square. Play it a few times, first time to select from the alternatives, second time to note down some language.
  • Tell them that they are going to plan a class night out and give them a few minutes to think it over.

Task (10min)

  • Students do the task in twos and plan the night. Match them with another pair to discuss their ideas and any similarities and differences.

Planning (10min)

  • Each pair rehearses presenting their night out. Teacher walks around, helps them if they need it and notes down any language points to be highlighted later.

Report (15 min)

  • Class listen to the plans, their task is to choose one of them. They can ask questions after the presentation.
  • Teacher gives feedback on the content and quickly reviews what was suggested. Students vote and choose one of the nights out.

Language Focus (20min)

  • Write on the board five good phrases used by the students during the task and five incorrect phrases/sentences from the task without the word that caused the problem. Students discuss the meaning and how to complete the sentences.
  • Hand out the tapescript from the listening and ask the students to underline the useful words and phrases.
  • Highlight any language you wish to draw attention to e.g. language for making suggestions, collocations etc.
  • Students write down any other language they wish to remember.

Note: You can go on the planned night out with your students. This can make it even more motivating for them.

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