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Survey on inclusive practices in English language teaching

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Are you an English language classroom teacher, English language head teacher, supervisor or school leader? Wherever you are in the globe, and regardless of the educational stage or setting you work in, this survey on your attitudes and practice relating to inclusive practices in English language teaching is for you! 

Please help the British Council by taking the survey below and also encourage other teachers in your networks to do so. Information from the survey will be a main feature of the evidenced-informed approach we wish to take at the British Council signature event ‘Is English teaching inclusive – do we practice what we preach?’ at the IATEFL conference in Liverpool in April. Dr Maha Khochen-Bagshaw, who is an international consultant specialising in equity and inclusion in education, will be presenting the results at the event. 

You do not need to be attending the conference to take part in the survey and it requires no more than 10 minutes to complete. We are not asking for your name or contact address. We would like to receive as many responses as possible to get a fair representation of views on inclusion from around the world. 

Thank you in advance for taking time to share your perceptions and enrich the findings of our research for the IATEFL conference.

To get started just visit the link: How inclusive is English language teaching?

The closing date is 20 March.

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