Supporting city openness

This is a listening activity aimed at intermediate level adult and young adult students.

It explores the ways cities can attract and help with the integration of migrants into the local culture and society. The activity is based on themes and text from the OPENCities project  

Download a copy of the audio and script below. Make one copy of the script for each student.


  • Tell the students they are going to listen to a description of a city and they should listen and decide which city is being described. (The city is Madrid)
  • Once they have listened to the audio ask them to listen again and try to make notes about the immigration policy of the city.
  • After the second time they listen, ask the students if the policy of the city is positive or negative towards immigrants and see if they can justify their decision from the information they have leaned from the text. If they can’t then they may need to listen again.
  • Give out copies of the audio script and let the students check their own answers.
  • Ask the students to create a similar text about their own city. Ask them to try to think of things that the city could do to attract more migrant workers and integrate them into the society.
  • If you have internet access you could show your students or get them to read the 8 factors that make an ‘Open City’ (one that is open to immigrants)
  • They could then evaluate their own city against these 8 factors and think of ways that it could become a more open city.
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