This lesson plan for teachers of teenagers and adults at Intermediate level and above explores the theme of the Sunderland, a region in the UK. Students will develop their knowledge of a part of the UK, as well as practising their reading skills.


This lesson takes a different approach to developing listening skills. It enables each student to participate at their own level. There are no questions with correct answers or incorrect answers, instead the students do a number of different tasks and attempt to extract information from the text. They are then able to read the text and check their own answers. The teacher should act as a guide and facilitator and only input language when students ask for it and clarify misunderstandings. The lesson has a number of prompts which help the students to build their own understanding of the text.



Discovering Sunderland

60-90 mins
  • To develop students’ ability to take information from quite a difficult listening text.
  • To develop their deeper listening skills
  • To develop students reading skills
  • To find out a little more about a part of the UK


Lesson plan: guide for teacher on procedure.

Download lesson plan

Worksheets: can be printed out for use in class.

worksheet - Word cloud images for listening activity

Download worksheet

Audio files

Audio - Interview

Audio - Clip 1

Audio - Clip 2

Audio - Clip 3

Audio - Clip 4


The plans and worksheets are downloadable and in pdf format - right click on the attachment below and save it on your computer.

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