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Summer love (lower level)

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Summer love is a complete set of teaching resources designed around interesting and unusual photographs with activities to activate your students' higher level critical thinking skills.

This pack looks at the topics of holidays, love and change, and incorporates a focus on story-writing and speaking skills, as well as listening for gist and specific information.

Summer love by Mieke Kenis

The materials to accompany this pack are designed to be used with lower level students (A2-B1).

Each pack in this series includes an audio recording of the photographer talking about their photo, together with a complete lesson plan on how to exploit the image and the audio. There are student worksheets and a copy of the image to download.

In this lesson, students are encouraged to talk about definitions of love and romance. They will predict answers to questions using word clouds and practise listening for specific information. A final activity asks them to select a picture to develop their story writing skills and focus on narrative tenses.

ELTPics image by @mkofab

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Intermediate: B1

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