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Storytelling: Carnival crime

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This lesson plan gives learners the opportunity to participate in the storytelling process.

Fiona Lawtie, Teacher, Freelance materials writer

The plan is suitable for primary learners at A1 and above and is based on a story about a diamond theft at the Rio Carnival in Brazil. 


Stories are a highly adaptable teaching tool and can be used in a variety of ways to teach a range of skills. This lesson focuses on extended listening skills and getting learners to actively participate in the storytelling process, allowing them to use their prediction skills in a creative and fun way. There are also some follow-up activities that develop speaking skills and different areas of language in the story.


Carnival in Brazil


CEFR level A1+


45+ minutes


  • To develop extended listening and prediction skills using a short story
  • To give learners the opportunity to participate in the storytelling process

  • To develop speaking skills

  • To reinforce the use of the past simple tense


  • worksheet (one per learner)
  • script and cards (one set for the teacher)
  • story text (one per pair of learners, optional)
  • world map and/or pictures of Brazil and the Rio Carnival (optional)
Language level
Language Level: 
Beginner: A1